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The original SB list

For those who can't wait for each individual entry to appear in the website here's a short extract of its contents.

Silver Back             -
Silver Backing          - what makes mirror's mirror
Silver Bacofoil         c It's alumin(i)um
Silver Badge            - what Minister's have
Silver Bag                  where bank tellers put the silver coins
Silver Ballbearings
Silver Ballpoint        - a special pen
Silver Balls
Silver Balls            - for decorating birthday cakes with. Also LOC foil!
Silver Band             -
Silver Bar              - a bar in Caraglio, Italy; like a gold bar
Silver Bath             - used in photograph processing
Silver Birch            -
Silver Biro             - English for <a href="">Silver Ballpoint</a>
Silver Bootleg          x because we cribbed a copy of Object Manager
Silver Boss             - knob or stud of <a href="">silver
Silver Bracelet</a>         -

And here's the original file, as of 15th December 2009.

The SB listThe SB list

Actually, the waiting's over. Each item in the original list has been lovingly transformed into a bigram. Now we're waiting for a nice theme with a UI that makes searching bearable.


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