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Synthesised-by: my AI tool

  • Surely Be


    Surely be

    Revised prompt

    An image depicting the abstract concept of certainty. This could include elements like a sturdy, immovable rock symbolizing steadfastness, and a bright beacon of light symbolizing clarity. The color palette can be vibrant but calming, representing the assurance and tranquility associated with certainty. Additional elements can also include a compass needle pointing north, symbolizing guidance and direction. There should be no people involved in the visuals.


    • Bing produced a freckled girl with frizzy hair, a wide grin and outstretched arms.
    • ChatGPT dithered.

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    14th July 2024

Synthesised-by: my AI tool

My AI tool, called oik-ai, uses DALL-E for chats and image generation. It uses the DALL-E 3 model to generate images.

Unlike ChatGPT, my tool just generates an image. It doesn't ask for clarification and doesn't choose the aspect ratio itself.  Since there's no converation ( no chat ) I don't feel inclined to argue with my AI tool.

Since it's easier to use - the files are saved directly in my PC - I've used a third of the images that I've generated to date.