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Synthesised-by: DALL·E 3

  • Surely Be


    Surely be

    Revised prompt

    An image depicting the abstract concept of certainty. This could include elements like a sturdy, immovable rock symbolizing steadfastness, and a bright beacon of light symbolizing clarity. The color palette can be vibrant but calming, representing the assurance and tranquility associated with certainty. Additional elements can also include a compass needle pointing north, symbolizing guidance and direction. There should be no people involved in the visuals.


    • Bing produced a freckled girl with frizzy hair, a wide grin and outstretched arms.
    • ChatGPT dithered.

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    14th July 2024

Synthesised-by: DALL·E 3

DALL·E 3 is a text to image model, developed by Open AI.

DALL·E 3 was released natively into ChatGPT for ChatGPT Plus and ChatGPT  in October 2023, with availability via OpenAI's API provided in early November. Microsoft implemented the model in Bing's Image Creator tool.

DALL·E is the parent term for the ChatGPT tools, Bing and my API tool, so, even though I've not used it explicitely, nearly all of the AI generated images will be listed for this term.