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S-word: stupid

  • Stupid Bicycle

    I was thinking about my WordPress and AI website ( ) and the fact that it was built by me and Artificial Intelligence when I realised I could attempt to recreate a still from a Not the 9 O'clock News sketch with Mel Smith, Griff Rhys Jones and Rowan Atkinson in which the cars were all built by workers called Bob.

    My real name is Robert, and the AI tools are all some form of robot, so I typed

    "Hand built by Roberts"

    into the image creator.

    It produced 4 stupid bicycles. Here's one of them.

    I particularly like:

    • The single pedal
    • The front light that floats in front of the handlebars
    • The vicious looking chain and chain ring
    • The specially bendy spokes
    • The way the front brake cable stops in mid air

    Thanks to S Briggs for publishing the video.

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    17th February 2024

    S-word: stupid