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S-word: steel

  • Steel Breeze


    Steel breeze

    Revised prompt

    Visualize a serene scene where a strong gust of wind, metaphorically called 'steel breeze', blows across a barren landscape. Show the striking contrast of the hard, cold steel gray wind against the subdued tones of the desolate, rugged terrain. The sky should be filled with the presence of the steel breeze in the form of dramatic, swirling clouds. Incorporate elements such as some lone rocks and shrubs trembling in the powerful gust, giving the entire image a sense of intense yet harmonious motion.


    • From the lyrics of "Shine On Your Crazy Diamond".
    • Which is a song about Syd Barrett.
    • If the wind's blowing towards us why is the grass in the foreground bending towards it?
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    8th April 2024

    S-word: steel