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S-word: snow

  • Snow Bonus


    Snow bonus

    Revised prompt

    Create a serene winter scene with a heavy white blanket of snow covering the landscape. In the center of the scene, there is a Christmas bonus check with a large red ribbon around it, lying peacefully on top of the snow. The check is slightly covered with the falling snowflakes. Nearby, several cheerful snowmen with carrot noses and coal eyes are gathered, as if in celebration of the unexpected bonus. The setting sun in the background casts a soft glow across the scene, reflecting off the pristine snow and creating an icy sparkle. The atmosphere is filled with joy and anticipation.


    • I like this picture with the value of the bonus cheque being 0 dollars.
    • According to DALL-E 3’s ChatGPT

    A snow bonus could be a financial bonus related to snow. Which could mean
    extra pay for workers who have to work in snowy conditions, such as snow plow drivers, emergency services, or employees who have to work outside and face the challenges of snow and ice. Alternatively, “snow bonus” could refer to a bonus in a game or a promotional offer triggered by snowfall, where companies offer discounts or special deals when it snows.

    • I wish it would just produce a picture rather than asking for clarification.
    • We don’t even have snow bonuses in the UK.
    • Bing went for “Snow Day Bonus”. It produced pictures with several bearded men, almost identical in appearance, and or long haired women, with woolly hats, scarves and gloves rolling up snow balls.
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