Simply because one word won't do...

S-word: silly

  • Silly B


    Silly B

    Revised prompt

    An image of the letter 'B' characterized in a silly and humorous manner. It could be Doodled with comically exaggerated features like googly eyes, a wide toothy grin, and possibly hands and feet. Adding to its silliness, it could be depicted in a relaxed posture with a carefree and playful expression. Its color shades could be pastel or any vibrant ones to amplify the lightheartedness.


    Choose your own second word. Favourites, before I did a Google Search were: blogger, bastard, berk, billy, bitch, boy, bugger, buggers and bunt. Now I find it's a make of strapless bra.

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    18th June 2024

    S-word: silly