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S-word: scottish

  • Scottish Brunch

    In a few week’s time the Scottish bunch are visiting again. I asked for ‘Scottish bunch’ and got a load of people playing bagpipes. So I tried

    Scottish bunch

    and got this.

    A traditional Scottish brunch spread laid out on a rustic wooden table. The brunch includes dishes such as a full Scottish breakfast with black pudding, haggis, tattie scones, Lorne sausage, baked beans, mushrooms, tomatoes, fried eggs, and toast. There’s also a bowl of porridge with a drizzle of honey, a plate of smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, scones with jam and clotted cream, and a glass of whisky and a cup of tea. The setting is cozy, with a tartan tablecloth adding to the Scottish theme, and the morning light softly illuminating the feast.


    • Looks like they’ve run out of lorne sausage and smoked salmon.
    • We have substituted beans instead.
    • And if you’re wondering why there are mint leaves in the whisky, it’s probably a whisky smash cocktail.
    • Apparently Bunch is a surname associated with Perth.
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    3rd April 2024