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S-word: scotch

  • Scotch Bonnet


    Scotch bonnet – the front of an expensive car with a saltire design on the bonnet and tartan wheels


    • 1. Yes, I know a Scotch bonnet is a hot chili pepper.
    • 2. But I didnt know it’s so called because it resembles a tam o’shanter bonnet.
    • 3. I also know that Scots would argue that Scotch should only be used with regards to things such as Scotch whisky, Scotch pies, Scotch broth, Scotch beef or Scotch tape.
    • 4. But this is far more fun… especially the “MCTHIN” number plate.
    • 5. Not sure what the car’s doing in London.

    If only Bing image creator would tell us what prompt it actually used.

    ChatGPT’s Super Describe produced a similar image with its revised prompt

    A digital photograph featuring a luxury sports car with a custom tartan wrap design, parked on a bridge. The vehicle dominates the foreground, with a meticulously detailed tartan pattern incorporating blues, greens, whites, and radiant yellow lines that highlight its contours and design features. The car’s grille sports a prominent emblem. In the background, the iconic Big Ben and the UK Parliament stand against a clear blue sky. The composition is vibrant and dynamic, conveying the car’s opulence and the wrap’s unique pattern, set against the historical backdrop of London.

    But this one failed to include the saltire.

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    7th April 2024