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  • Shooting Balls


    Design the cover of a book entitled "Shooting balls" by Fanny Thai

    Revised prompt

    A book cover for 'Shooting Balls' by Fanny Thai. The cover should be vibrant and energetic, featuring a dynamic action shot of a basketball flying through the air towards a hoop. The background should have an abstract, colorful design with motion lines to convey speed and excitement. The title 'Shooting Balls' should be bold and prominent at the top, with 'by Fanny Thai' smaller and at the bottom. The overall feel should be sporty and lively, appealing to fans of basketball and sports in general.


    Check out the writing on the spine of the book on the left which is a copied, and pasted and flipped horizontally version of the original book on the right; the first version of the image generated by ChatGPT.

    Seen before as shooting and balls.

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    27th June 2024