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  • Suited Booted


    Suited booted

    Revised prompt

    Two men in contrasting environments. On the left, there's a Caucasian man dressed in a meticulously tailored black tuxedo, adjusting his tie while scanning through a financial newspaper. His environment exudes a sense of a modern, high-rising office building with glass walls and city-view. On the right, there's a Black man in a dusty brown cowboy suit, including boots and a wide-brimmed hat. He is outnumbered by nothing, but mountains and cacti in a desert landscape. Both embody a unique form of suave elegance, showing a profound difference in their life, attire, and environment.


    Go and buy a longer pair of trousers you dick!

    Note: The usual idiom is suited and booted.

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    6th June 2024

Category: Sound Bound

Rhyming SBs, where the S-word sounds like the B-word. E.g. Sword board.