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  • Shit Bugger


    An image of a golfer shouting expletives of 5 words staring SBBSJ

    Revised prompt

    A golfer shouting angrily after hitting the ball on a golf course. The golfer is standing with a frustrated expression, with a speech bubble above their head containing the letters 'SBBSJ'. The golfer is wearing typical golf attire, including a polo shirt, cap, and golf shoes. The background features a well-manicured golf course with green grass, a few trees, and a clear sky, and the golf ball is visible in the distance. The speech bubble should clearly display the letters 'SBBSJ'.


    I'm not surprised he's angry. His club head appears to have fallen off the shaft onto his foot.

    PS. SBBSJ stands for "Shit, bugger, bollocks! Sorry Jonny."

    Notice the player is left handed. Had I known this phrase before hand I might have used it after I'd 3-putted on the 17th, allowing the opposition to draw level again.

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    19th July 2024

Category: Shocking Behaviour

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