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    The Silver Bullet project team
    had a quirky twist,
    collecting pairs of random words
    into the SB list.
    Mid ’91 they had 1K,
    then several hundred more,
    but Herb said he could double it,
    “of that you can be sure”.
    Now 2 years short of 30,
    the list has got much longer,
    with digital colour photographs
    to make the content stronger.

    A dedicated website
    contains the latest list.
    a site not to be missed.
    If you don’t like to go online,
    you might just want to look,
    at selected bits of the SB list,
    now published as a book.
    The rules are very simple.
    Find two words: S and B.
    If you don’t try to make one up,
    you’re not normal… like me!

    (C) Herb Miller 2018.
    Inspired by Greg Penoyre.

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    8th August 2022