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Synonym Byword

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My first idea was that there should be a category called “Same both” to use when both the S word and the B word have the same meaning. I asked AI for a better pair of words and it came up with “synonym byword”.

I fed this into ChatGPT’s DALL-E with a prompt of

Draw an image to represent the concept of “synonym byword” – two words that have the same meaning.

The revised prompt was

An abstract illustration representing the concept of “synonym byword”, symbolizing two words that share the same meaning. The image should depict two distinct but harmoniously intertwined paths that converge into a single point, symbolizing the unity of meaning. Each path is adorned with symbols or icons that represent language and communication, such as pen tips, ink blots, and speech bubbles. The background should be vibrant and colorful, suggesting a rich tapestry of language and expression. The overall mood of the image should be one of harmony and coherence, capturing the essence of different expressions that share the same core meaning.

I like this because it appears to have two S’s backwards.


Last updated:

17th February 2024