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Swindle Book

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swindle book – a book full of swindles, square

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A square book cover for a book titled ‘Swindle’, which is a collection of various swindles. The cover is designed with a collage of various elements representing swindles: money, playing cards, a hand holding a stack of cash, a con artist’s face partially obscured by shadows, and a broken piggy bank. The background has an intricate pattern suggesting a web of deceit. The title ‘Swindle’ is prominently displayed in bold, vintage-style lettering at the center, with the author’s name below. The overall look is intriguing and hints at a series of cunning and deceptive tales.


  • The suggestion for this SB came from a book entitled The Secret Lives of Numbers.
  • The chapter entitled “419 Money For Nothing” discusses several scams, many of which originate in Nigeria.
  • Section 419 of the Nigerian Penal Code prohibits these swindles.
  • It goes on to discuss on of the oldest swindles in the book, the “Spanish Prisoner Letter”.

PS. The book wasn’t supposed to be square. I wanted the image to be square. But ChatGPT 4o doesn’t have an Aspect Ratio button. Believeing I should have appended square aspect ratio to the prompt I tried using ChatGPT DALL-E and chose the square aspect ratio button. It still wanted to produce a square book.


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6th June 2024