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Sweaty Bastard

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Sweaty bastard - a close up of a T-shirt soaked in sweat. There should be no sign of the human wearing it.

Revised prompt

A detailed depiction of a sweat-soaked T-shirt in close-up. The shirt appears drenched in sweat, engendering a sense of physical exertion or summer heat. It's meant to lie flat and unoccupied, showcasing the sweat stains in a realistic manner. No signs of the person who could possibly be wearing it should be visible.


Another battle with ChatGPT 4o led me to getting my own AI tool to produce this image, which I then fed into ChatGPT as an example. 4 attempts later I got an image which was pretty close

A close-up view of a damp, sweaty T-shirt showing visible sweat stains, laid flat with no human wearer visible. The focus is entirely on the fabric of the T-shirt and the sweat marks. The background is plain and unobtrusive.

The intermediate prompts were

You know you're absolute crap at following your own instructions

I can see a bearded neck and two arms. How does that satisfy "No part of the human wearer visible"?


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30th June 2024