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Suspicious Bloke

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Suspicious bloke


Of the 4 similar images produced by Bing, this one’s the most suspicious because he has 3 hands; 2 right and one left, which appears to be missing the index finger.

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A digital illustration of a stylized male detective character. He is peering around a corner with a serious expression, holding a magnifying glass in his right hand. The character has sharp, prominent features, wearing a white fedora hat and dark sunglasses. He is dressed in a black trench coat over a white shirt with a black tie. His left hand grips the edge of the wall he is peeking from. The background is white, emphasizing the contrast with his dark attire. The illustration has a hyper-realistic yet slightly exaggerated style with clean, smooth lines and sharp shading to give a three-dimensional effect.

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17th March 2024