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Suspended Butter

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For the life of me I can’t remember why I tried a prompt of

suspended butter.

It could have been something said by a celebrity chef. Anyway, this is what Bing produced.

But this is just the story’s beginning.
Having learnt about the possibility of getting AI to write alt text for an image I fed this image into ChatGPT. It came up with

This is a creative image featuring a piece of yellow cake suspended by strings against a turquoise background. The cake has a wavy, contoured surface that gives it a unique, sculptural appearance, reminiscent of topographical lines on a map or sand dunes. The lighting and shadow play on the curves of the cake emphasize its texture and form.

A short while later I tried ChatGPT’s “Super Describe” which enables you to Upload any image to get a similar one using DALL·E 3 along with the detailed prompt!

This is what it produced.

A digital illustration of a surreal object resembling a piece of butter or cheese with wavy, ribbon-like textures on its surface. It’s suspended in the air by multiple thin strings against a solid light blue background. The object has a soft gradient of pale yellow to white, creating a sense of volume and softness. The lighting suggests a softbox light source from the upper left, giving the object gentle highlights and shadows that accentuate its undulating form.

It looks like the image generation routine can’t tell its left from its right.

Now be honest, which of these soft blocks is suspended better?


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8th April 2024