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Surprise Bestseller

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Image for "surprise bestseller" a book about humble pi

Revised prompt

A book cover design for a surprise bestseller titled 'Humble Pi'. The cover features playful and colorful elements, with a large, friendly pi symbol at the center. Surrounding the pi symbol are various mathematical equations and symbols in a whimsical, doodle-like style. The title 'Humble Pi' is prominently displayed at the top in bold, quirky font. The background is light and airy, adding to the cheerful and approachable feel of the cover. Overall, the design is inviting and fun, appealing to a broad audience.


The actual book cover features an airplane with the wings on back to front.
You can buy a signed version of the book from
for less than the cost of one from Amazon.

After getting the first image I thought I might ask AI to attempt to reproduce the actual book cover. No matter how hard I tried to get it to draw a plane with wings pointing the wrong way I couldn't . Eventually I copy/pasted the book cover. It did quite a good job on the spelling but completely failed in the drawing.

This is the revised prompt for the picture on the right based on a) the uploaded image b) my repeated requests to draw the wings the wrong way round.

A book cover titled 'Humble Pi - A Comedy of Maths Errors' with 'Surprise Bestseller' written prominently. The cover features a red background and an overhead view of an airplane with the fuselage in its normal position, nose at the top, but the wings attached incorrectly, pointing towards the tail. The text and design elements are simple and clear, similar to the provided example.

My last response was

do you know what humble pie is? I think you'd better eat some

It replied

Thank you for your patience. I understand this has been a frustrating process. "Humble pie" refers to admitting one's errors or mistakes, often in a humbling way. I apologize for not meeting your expectations earlier.

then went on to produce a plane with two sets of wings, both pointing the right way, but rotated 90 degrees anti-clockwise.

Unfortunately I don't find AI's failures to be as funny as the book.


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28th June 2024