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Surgical Bacon

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Surgical Bacon Swimming Blindfolded in Sauce Barmaid.

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write a poem entitled “Sugical Bacon Swimming Blindfolded in sauce barmaid

Surgical Bacon Swimming Blindfolded in Sauce Barmaid

Upon the mosaic table of dusky eve,
Lies a marvel, a spectacle mischieve,
Surgical bacon, crisp and neat,
Sliced by precision, an edible feat.

Swimming blindfolded in sauce so deep,
In the realm of flavors, its soul does leap. 
Unseen crests, meet the taste untried,
In the adventurous journey of spice collide.

A bouquet of savories daringly infused,
In suave textures, deliciously amused,
Blindfolded with mystery, veiling its guise,
On the palate painting appetizing surprise.

Amidst the saucy ocean, daily turns the tide,
Where caramel meets vinegar, side by side.
Timeless culinary secrets delicately unfold,
In front of the eyes, enchantingly bold. 

Barmaid stirs art in the bowls of ebon,
Like a moon's reflection upon nocturn lagoon,
Her laughter, a melody in the tavern hum,
A taste of oblivion in the spilled rum.

Her hands, dance over this delicious chaos,
A symphony born from the saucey cosmos.
She stands, a sculptor of such rich fare,
A goddess of delicacies in the shrouded lair. 

Oh, surgical bacon swimming blindfolded and free,
In the vivacious river of tantalizing glee.
Each indulging bite, a story untold,
Beneath the barmaid’s touch, culinary gold.

So here's to the magic, draped in whispering steam,
To each delightful sip, and every time we dream.
For in a dish, lies a universe unchartered and wide,
Surgical bacon, blindfolded, in sauce barmaid’s pride.


  • The sauce should have been Sauce Bearnaise but predictive text intercepted.
  • I misspelled surgical in my request for a poem but it was correctly recognised.


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6th April 2024