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Supreme Being

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Explain the Supreme Being to an atheist.

The concept of a Supreme Being often refers to an omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent deity that is considered the divine or sacred reality in some religions. This entity is typically considered the source, sustainer, and end of everything in the universe. Many people believe this Supreme Being to be the creator and regulator of the universe, often manifesting qualities such as love, justice, and mercy. It's important to note that how this Supreme Being is understood, interpreted, and worshipped varies greatly among different cultures and religions.

For example, in monotheistic religions like Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, the Supreme Being is considered as one and only God. Hindus believe in a supreme spiritual concept known as Brahman, which is an infinite, genderless, formless universal soul. In Buddhism, the concept of a creator God is mostly irrelevant, with more emphasis given to the ideas of karma and personal spiritual development.

To an atheist - someone who doesn't believe in the existence of God or gods - you might explain the concept of a Supreme Being not as an actual existence you’re trying to convince them of, but as an important cultural, philosophical, and psychological feature for many people's worldview and moral framing. It’s a way for people to personify or symbolize deeper universal truths, existential answers or moral ideals.

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