I’d like to thank the following people for their help in gathering the SBs, some being reproduced here.

Silver Bullet & other IBM projects

Jon Woodcock, Gill Woodcock, Chris Cross, Simon Murton, Gordon Hutchison, Sarah Booth, Greg Loten, Chris Winter, Bill Jinks, Bill Kelly, Hilma Miles, Mike Glennon, Dave Morgan, Suren Johanssen, Tim Carpenter (SSE 2006), Andy (Biggles) Anderson, Peter Green, William Portal, Peter Drury, Jon Isaac, Ajay Gita Radhakrishnan, Mike Ford.

Rowlands Castle Golf Club

Andy Wood, Mark Wilcox, John Boyd Brown, Keith Broomfield, Trevor Bishop, Doug Murgatroyd, and other long suffering bit hunters at the Wednesday gentleman’s roll up.

Madrid, Scotland and Hampshire

Susan Cowe Miller, Jim Clark, Irene Clark, Jim Hunter, Jean Wilson.

Family and friends

Trevor, Sue and Steph Brown, Graeme and Louise Cowe, Kate Miller, Greg Penoyre, Chrissie Teitge, Malcom Bowden, Denise Thatcher, Ray and Marjorie Thomas, Peter and Beth Miller, Rachel Cowe, Tony and Christine Price, Ava Mae Cowe, Sian Brown, Sarah (Maysie) Mayes


John & Simon Blackbourn, Sim Brody, Jonny Allbut, Spameur Bonaldi, Tim Nash, Andrew Leonard, Tim Nash


Frederick P Brooks Jr., Michael Parkinson, Stephen Fry, Richard Curtis, Josh Widdicombe, Stanley Baxter, Eric Idle, Jane Cooke, David Millar

Originally sampled from sand box.