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Sun Born

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Sun born

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An artistic rendering of an abstract concept depicting the birth of the sun. The scene begins with the darkness of space serving as a backdrop. The avant-garde nebulous cloud takes up the majority of the frame, brimming with beautiful hues of red, purple, and gold. Suddenly, from the cloud’s center, a luminous sphere of dazzling golden-white energy starts to form. Rays of light begin to pierce the surrounding darkness, symbolizing the birth of the sun. Kindly use an impressionist style with a color palette filled with warm and earthy tones.


  • I wanted son born, so that I could date it 30th July 1958, but the first image was of a baby boy in a cot with a teddy bear.
  • DALL-E just wanted to chat again.
  • And Bing did a bearded man holding a baby with a full head of hair.
  • Looks like I was born on a Wednesday.
  • I've posthumously attributed this SB to my dad.


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