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Summary Board

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Summary board

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An image of a bulletin board filled with various pieces of information. There are several post-it notes in an assortment of colors, some written in neat handwriting, some in rushed and scarcely legible scripts. Tacked up alongside them are printed pages detailing long to-do lists, calendar pages marked with significant dates, and a sketch or two. On the side of the board hang a few photos depicting memorable moments. The entire board is a kaleidoscope of colors and textures, presenting the chaos of daily tasks in an organized manner.


For Stupidly Brilliant I was wondering whether or not to use a title for the table of contents / index to the SB's. Initially I had Starting blocks, the same as in the first book. Then I tried Selected Bigrams, but realised that Selected Bigrams was one of the selected bigrams. I briefly thought about Summary Board, which prompted me to create this image then decided to not have a heading after all.


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6th June 2024