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Sulphurous Brewmasters

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Sulphurous Brewmasters

Herb Miller’s one and only Googlewhack to date.

After returning from a holiday in France, and having listened to a CD of Dave Gorman’s Googlewhack Adventures, I started my own search for a Googlewhack. Naturally I limited myself to searching for an SB Googlewhack. I eventually found it and recorded it for posterity.

The original link is still available

I never actually visited the page until May 2016. Had I done so then I would have found the following SB’s as part of Brewing company names: Summit Brewing Co., August Schell Brewing Co., Sprecher Brewing Co., Water Street Brewing Co.

More recently… I asked Adobe’s Firefly 2 image generator for

Sulphurous brewmasters at Sete Bordeaux in a swinging boat

It came up with this Art Painting

  • It seems these brewmasters are swinging in or by a boat.
  • The one on the left ( port ) must be stronger since he’s holding himself without the aid of the swing seat.
  • Or is it the one out to starboard ( right ) who seems to be supported by just one rope ( sheet ).
  • I’m not sure what’s propelling the boat; it looks like it should be going backwards.


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