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Suburban Backyard

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suburban backyard line drawing, coloured with watercolour

Revised prompt

Imagine a detailed scene of a suburban backyard. The scene includes lush green lawns, a blooming flower garden teeming with vibrant colors of red, yellow, and purple, and a small wooden swing set that evokes a sense of nostalgia. A tall oak tree with sprawling branches provides ample shade. In the background, a white picket fence surrounds the yard. The whole scene should be portrayed as a line drawing, with intricate detailing and linear elements. The drawing should then be colored with soft, light, and flowy tones, capturing the essence of a traditional watercolor painting.


I could have just taken a picture of our garden but...

  • We don't have a footpath that goes straight through the swing
  • since we thought this would be dangerous
  • so the swing was moved to the tree
  • but hung so badly that it's no longer usable
  • Nor do we have a gate on the picket fence that's to small for the gap.


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6th June 2024