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Stupidly Brilliant

Stupidly Brilliant
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Stupidly Brilliant

Revised prompt

An image personifying the concept of ‘stupidly brilliant’. A caricature of a person with eccentric hair, wearing whimsical spectacles, and having a bright lightbulb lit above their head to represent an idea. This character could be holding a complicated mathematical formula on a chalkboard, but it’s upside down. Their attire is a mix of academic robe and clown shoes, representing the combination of brilliance and foolishness. The whole scene is vibrant with colors and animated with the character’s over-the-top expressions.


  • Wow. It’s spelt stupidly brilliant correctly!
  • Either the chalkboard isn’t upside down, or the brilliant mathematician wrote it upside down and then inverted the board.
  • Or he wrote it the right way up in the first place.

This image prompted me to request a new poem

Write a poem about the silver bullet project team and how they collected pairs of words with the first word starting with an S and the second starting with a B. End the poem suggesting to the reader that it’s rather unusual for someone not to suggest a pair of words starting S and B when they heard there was already a fairly large collection of them at Seriously Bonkers dot com

This is what my AI tool came up with

In the corridors of data, where thoughts and language roam,
Dwells a team, Silver Bullet, in a cybernetic dome.
Masters of conjunction, in pairs of words they thrived,
A narrative odd but worthy, of how SB words arrived.
'Starting with S,' the leader spoke, 'and ending with a B,'
'Collect the words, both far and close, unite them, set them free.'
'Silver Bullet,' a name so fitting, for their task was swift and sure,
A project sincere and uplifting, their enthusiasm, the cure.
Silent Bat, Salty Biscuit, Sudden Bloom, they found,
A magical, semantic loot, in lexicon abound.
Smart and Bold, Soft and Bright, in strings of twos they teamed,
Seas of letters danced at night, in their dreams they schemed.
With every dawn, they added more, their list began to grow,
Seasonal Blooms, Secret Books, their excitement in tow.
The database grew richer, a treasure chest of lore,
Each word pair a unique picture, painting a world to explore.
In the heart of cyberspace, they engineered their spree,
Shaping tomorrows with words embracing, under the Silver Bullet's decree.
Their journey through letters and language, an art so profound,
Sculpting stories, painting pictures, in simple sounds, they found.
'Seriously Bonkers dot com,' a virtual abode stands,
Housing a collection, no exam, just a playground so grand.
A library of S and B word pairs, ever growing, never banned,
Each contribution a tale that dares, sculpted by the Silver Bullet's hand.
So, when you hear of their endeavor, this seriously bonkers spree,
Donate your SB words with fervor, to this ever-growing sea.
For who could resist such a summons, so simple yet so free,
To fail to suggest a pairing, would surely be a rarity.

How do you think it compares with the original?


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6th April 2024