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Stung By

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Two days ago, I cycled down to Hayling with the intention of having a swim. When I got there I decided against it; it was a bit grey and breezy. So I carried on, cycling back home up the Hayling Billy line. Imagine my surprise when I collided with a stinging beastie that got caught on the stainless bridge of my glasses. Before departing I was stung by the aforementioned insect. A few minutes later I took an Esso Petrol station bought Piriteze to attempt to reduce any swelling, and continued my journey home.

Today my face is a different shape from normal, with swollen bumps either side of my nose and sore bags under my eyes. I’ve taken some Benadryl today and applied a cool wet facecloth from Susan’s sponge bag.


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5th August 2022