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Study Blood

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Study blood. An image showing evidence of blood after Dr. Black has been stabbed by Colonel Mustard with the dagger in the study.

Revised prompt

A crime scene in a study room. There are visible traces of blood as evidence that an unidentified doctor character, characterized by a Caucasian descent, has been attacked by a military officer character, identified by his Hispanic descent, using a dagger. The room is filled with elements typically found in a study: a large wooden desk littered with papers, bookshelves packed with books, a plush leather chair, and a fading fire in a grand fireplace.


  • Obviously AI’s never heard of Cluedo
  • The desk has got odd legs
  • And the chair looks well iffy
  • Amazing that there’s no blood on Dr. Black’s lab coat
  • See also September blood.


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4th April 2024