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Stripping Blanks

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Stripping blanks

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A fascinating and detailed depiction of an everyday process, like stripping blanks. The image displays a pair of gloves, along with meticulously defined tools with iron, brass, and wooden handles. Light reflects off the metal objects, revealing unparalleled craftsmanship. Soft sunlight streams into the workshop, creating a warm atmospheric glow. A variety of wood blanks, intricately marked, ready to be stripped, form a crisscross stack on one side. Tiny wood shavings scatter across the plank flooring, indicating recent activity. This rustic tableau encapsulates the dignity of manual labor and the unsung beauty of workmanship.


  • Anyone who's ever written a computer program to deal with user input will be aware of the process of stripping blanks.
  • We might use a function called trim() to remove whitespace from the start/end of a string or str_replace() to convert all blanks in the string to empty strings.
  • Bing decided it wasn't safe to generate an image because it conflicted with their content policy.
  • My AI tool decided to show me an image associated with the manufacturing or printing process where excess material is removed from a workpiece, leaving behind the desired shape or product.


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6th June 2024