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Striped Bamboo

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Striped bamboo

Revised prompt

A beautiful garden featuring striped bamboo plants. The bamboo has distinctive vertical stripes on their culms, varying in color from green to yellow. The garden is lush and well-maintained, with the striped bamboo standing out among other greenery. The scene is tranquil and serene, with sunlight filtering through the leaves, casting dappled shadows on the ground. There is a small pathway winding through the garden, inviting exploration and relaxation.


The first image that ChatGPT generated was in landscape mode. I cropped this image to create the square aspect ratio featured image as the subsequent images were nothing like this.

On regeneration the stripes were horizontal - like hoops.

So I wrote

In the previous image the stripes were like stripes on a straw. Which is correct?

Bing replied

Striped bamboo typically has vertical stripes running along the length of the culms (stems), rather than horizontal bands like stripes on a straw. The correct appearance should resemble vertical streaks or lines of a different color along the bamboo's length.

Here is the corrected image of the garden featuring striped bamboo plants with vertical stripes running along the length of the stems. The tranquil and serene atmosphere is captured beautifully.

What do you reckon? Are these vertical stripes or horizontal stripes - hoops.

To be honest I preferred the straw bands.


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30th June 2024