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Stretch Brigade

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Stretch brigade

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Imagine a dynamic and colorful team of superheroes, known as the Stretch Brigade, each with the unique ability to stretch their bodies in incredible ways. They are in action in a bustling cityscape at dusk. The skyscrapers form a dramatic backdrop. One hero stretches up high to save someone from a towering building, another stretches across the street to stop a runaway vehicle, and others showcase their flexibility and reach in various heroic acts. Their costumes are sleek and modern, each with a unique color scheme to highlight their individuality, but unified by a common emblem that symbolizes their collective purpose. The scene is vibrant, filled with energy and heroism, capturing the essence of the Stretch Brigade’s powers and teamwork.


Mark actually used the term to describe the group of women, including his wife, who were all pregnant at the same time.


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11th April 2024