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Straylight Background

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Straylight background

Before producing the image DALL-E told me all about Neuromancer by William Gibson. Straylight is the name of a villa on a space station.

Just draw a picture

Revised prompt

The scene depicts a sprawling, labyrinthine mansion known as Straylight, nestled at the edge of a giant space station called Freeside. This mansion, a blend of high-tech and decadence, features a mix of sleek, futuristic architecture with baroque and rococo elements. Ornate decorations and advanced technology merge seamlessly, creating a visually stunning yet somewhat disorienting environment. The mansion is illuminated by an array of neon lights and holograms, casting colorful glows on its intricate details. The backdrop showcases the curvature of the space station, with the vastness of space and distant stars visible through large, panoramic windows.


This could be what Brean was thinking about.

Or it might have been a STRAYLIGHT by Native Instruments.

I finally convinced DALL-E to

Draw a STRAYLIGHT backdrop.

Meanwhile my AI tool had no problem generating an image for the original prompt. It’s revised prompt was

Imagine a scene that vibrates with light and movement. The backdrop is a prism-like array of multicolored hues streaming across the skies, fading in and out in an oscillating manner like the northern lights. Stars, galaxies, and nebulas are scattered in the midst of this display, their contrast providing depth to the brilliance. Further accenting the scene are fantastical collages of abstract and geometric shapes, which pulsate and twist in harmony with the glow. This is a fairy-tale-esque landscape that exists at the intersection of reality and dreams, between the physical and ethereal worlds.

Straylight background


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25th March 2024