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Strawberry Bananas

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Strawberry Bananas

Revised prompt – produced by ChatGPT’s Super Describe

A high-resolution still life photograph featuring a bowl of fresh fruit on a table. The bowl is brimming with bright red strawberries, each with green stems and leaves, and vibrant yellow bananas. There are also slices of bananas visible along with a few blueberries scattered around the bowl. The fruits are set on a light beige napkin with a crumpled texture, and the table is white. The backdrop is a soft grey gradient, giving a studio-like appearance to the image. The lighting is soft and comes from the left, casting gentle shadows and highlights that accentuate the shapes and textures of the fruit, making them appear fresh and enticing. The overall palette consists of reds from the strawberries, yellows and soft browns from the bananas, dark blues from the blueberries, and green accents from the leaves.


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16th March 2024