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Storm Beryl

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Storm beryl


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A powerful hurricane named Beryl in the Atlantic Ocean, with a well-defined eye, swirling clouds, and intense wind patterns. The storm is located several hundred miles east of the Windward Islands, approaching the islands with visible preparations on the islands below. The image should capture the magnitude and intensity of the hurricane, with dark, stormy clouds and a dramatic atmosphere.


Hmm! So I've been using Bing image creator to create AI images for a while. Is it just a coincidence that my Bing home page is now showing me a slider and adverts for bamboo, biryani and BMW's?

And then I noticed some news about Storm Beryl.

So I asked ChatGPT 4o about it and it told me that it searched 3 sites to come up with

Tropical Storm Beryl, which recently formed in the Atlantic, has gained significant attention due to its rapid intensification. Beryl initially developed from a low-pressure area in the eastern Atlantic on June 28, 2024. By the following day, it intensified into a hurricane, making it the easternmost June hurricane in the tropical Atlantic on record. It continued to strengthen, becoming the first major hurricane of the 2024 Atlantic season and the first major hurricane in June since 1966​ ( Wikipedia )​​ ( stormCARIB )​.

Currently, Beryl is located several hundred miles east of the Windward Islands and is expected to impact Barbados and surrounding regions. Residents in these areas have been advised to make preparations as the storm approaches​ ( stormCARIB )​.

The 2024 Atlantic hurricane season has been predicted to be above average, and the early formation of strong storms like Beryl supports this forecast​ ( Wikipedia )​.

So I wrote


and got the landscape version


square aspect ratio

and got the featured.

Are these AI generated images? YGIAGAM.


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30th June 2024