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Store Buggies

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An image to indicate "They don't let you store buggies in the trolley store"

Revised prompt

A supermarket trolley store area with a clear sign indicating 'No Buggies Allowed' or 'No Stroller Parking.' The area is filled with shopping carts, and a person is trying to place a buggy in the store but is stopped by a security guard or a clear symbol. The sign should be prominent and easy to read, and the scene should make it clear that only shopping trolleys are allowed in this area.


  • Another fine example of ChatGPT not recognising that I'm British English.
  • What Geoff actually said was "I don't think they let you store buggies in the trolley shed".
  • But even with that prompt I got shopping trolleys.
  • And when I prefixed both buggy and trolley with golf I just 2 seater golf buggies.

I chose this picture for:

  • the writing on the sign
  • the headless hoodie
  • and the fact that his/her shopping trolley ( cart for you Yanks ) is obviously from a different shop.


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29th June 2024