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Stopping Bus

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Statistically boring


Creating something that’s “statistically boring” could mean focusing on something very common, ordinary, or expected. Let’s turn this idea into an interesting visual challenge. How about generating an image that takes a “statistically boring” concept but presents it in an unexpected or artistic way?

Revised prompt

A scene depicting a mundane, everyday occurrence, such as someone waiting at a bus stop. However, this scene is transformed into something extraordinary through the use of vibrant, surreal colors and fantastical elements, blending the ordinary with the magical. The bus stop is on a normal city street, but the sky is filled with swirling colors, and mythical creatures are subtly integrated into the scene, such as a small dragon perched on the bus stop sign, and plants around the bus stop that glow with an ethereal light. This juxtaposition aims to make the viewer find beauty and wonder in the everyday.


The images I got for stopping bus weren’t as good as this one, which was produced for statistically boring.


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11th April 2024