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Stingy Beast

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Stingy beast

Revised prompt

A large, intimidating creature with a sleek, armored body and scales that shimmer with a metallic sheen. The beast stands on four powerful legs with sharp, retractable claws. It has a triangular head with piercing, glowing eyes and a mouth filled with razor-sharp teeth. Two long, curved horns protrude from its forehead. The creature's most notable feature is its long, whip-like tail ending in a barbed sting. The background is a dark, dense forest with shadows and eerie light, emphasizing the beast's menacing presence.


The revised prompt above was used for both the square aspect ratio version and the previous landscape version below.

This stingy beast is different from the stinging beastie I was stung by two years ago and nothing at all like the stingy ( pronounced STIN JEE ) beast that Bing offered, which was hoarding its money and jewels .


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10th June 2024