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Sticky Bamboo

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Sticky bamboo


ChatGPT’s Super Describe told me this was

A macro photography of a green bamboo section covered with water droplets. The droplets are densely packed and vary in size, with some forming larger, almost spherical beads that refract light, and others creating a fine mist over the surface. The bamboo has a gradient of color, from darker green at the top to a lighter shade at the bottom. There’s a subtle rainbow effect where the light refracts through the droplets, showing a spectrum of colors. The background is a bokeh of white and golden lights, giving a sense of a bright, sunlit environment with a shallow depth of field to focus on the droplets.

but its version was nothing like the original.

What Greg was referring to was a load of bamboo sticks which, for reasons unknown, are leaning against the fireplace surround in The Castle Inn.


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9th April 2024