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Sticks Bricks

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Sticks bricks

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A whimsical cartoon scene featuring multiple stick figures, each trying to balance a large, oversized brick on their heads. The setting is a sunny day with a clear blue sky, a few fluffy clouds scattered around, and a simple green landscape in the background. The stick figures are standing on patches of grass, each looking slightly puzzled. The bricks are teetering on the verge of falling, adding a sense of anticipation to the scene. This adds more characters and challenges to the original concept, creating a humorous and chaotic atmosphere.


I first asked for stick brick and got one stick man with a pile of bricks on his head.

So I don’t suppose I should be surprised by this image, especially after this response.

Here’s the image with multiple stick figures each balancing a brick on their heads, as you requested!


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9th April 2024