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Stick Brick

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Stick brick

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Visualize an everyday object: a stick made up of bricks. It's quite a strange and unusual concept. Imagine a long, slender pole but instead of wood, it's constructed from small red bricks. Each brick meticulously stacked onto the other, an unlikely harmony of the rigid robustness of bricks and the flexible strength of a stick. Some parts of the stick may show the traditional brick pattern, while others may feature a more chaotic, haphazard arrangement. The setting sun casting a warm glow, highlighting the rough texture of the brick stick standing on a green lawn.


This stick brick is defying gravity.
If you think that's weird have a look at these images from ChatGPT's DALL-E

A whimsical cartoon scene of a stick figure trying to balance a large, oversized brick on its head. The setting is a sunny day with a clear blue sky, a few fluffy clouds scattered around, and a simple green landscape in the background. The stick figure looks slightly puzzled and is standing on a patch of grass. The brick is teetering on the verge of falling, adding a sense of anticipation to the scene.

and now have a look at sticks bricks.

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