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Stewarton Banker

Stewarton banker
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Stewarton banker

Revised prompt

A bank teller at his station in a modern bank setting in Stewarton. The teller is a Caucasian man, wearing a neat business suit, standing behind a counter. The counter is equipped with a computer, banking forms, and a cash drawer. There is a glass safety barrier on the counter. The background shows a well-organized and professional bank interior, subtly implying security and efficiency.


  • A first glance Stewarton appears to be correctly spelt.
  • But a triple U isn’t a widely recognised letter.
  • Who do you think the sign on the front of the counter is for? It seems a bit low.
  • Not sure how effective the glass safety barrier would be in the event of a raid.

Sampled from Spanish Break.


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23rd April 2024