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Stenographer’s Bestie

stenographer's bestie
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Stenographer’s bestie

Revised prompt

Create an image of a stenographer’s best friend. This individual is a Caucasian male who is always seen wearing a bright pink shirt and black trousers. He carries a metallic silver backpack and has a collection of various vibrant pens which he uses to help his stenographer friend. He is also known for sporting a monocular which he uses to read signs from a distance. Their friendship is symbolized by a small charm bracelet that they both wear, each charm represents a memorable moment they have shared together. The surroundings are a spacious office with large windows revealing a cityscape view.


  • I had a long conversation with ChatGPT-4o which involved me uploading an image of a stenotype machine.
  • ChatGPT-4o promised to use this image to correct the picture it produced.
  • It failed 4 times.
  • In the last version the stenographer had two besties.

I chose this image since

  1. It doesn’t attempt to show the stenographer with his/her/their machine
  2. But it does fail to show a monocular
  3. And must have got very confused with regards to charm bracelets and how pens and zips work.
  4. I only needed to type stenographer’s bestie.

Meanwhile Bing produced 4 cartoons of a typist with a dog wearing glasses.

Sampled from Spanish Break.


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14th May 2024