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Stayed Behind

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Try doing a corset with “stays behind”.

Revised prompt

A detailed image of a corset being supported by stays from behind. The corset is elegantly designed, with intricate patterns and laces. The stays, which are sturdy and metallic, are visible on the back of the corset, providing structure and support. The background is a simple, neutral color to highlight the corset and its stays. The scene is well-lit to emphasize the details of the corset and the stays.


Earlier attempts to produce an image for stayed behind resulted in what was described as

A large billboard held up by sturdy stays from behind. The billboard is prominently displayed in the foreground with several stays extending from the back of the billboard to the ground, securing it firmly in place. The setting is an urban environment with clear skies, featuring a few buildings and a road in the background. The stays are metallic and well-anchored, clearly supporting the structure of the billboard. The scene is well-lit, highlighting the details of the stays and the billboard.

Does this picture make any sense to you?

Seen before as stayed and behind.


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6th June 2024