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Statistically Boring

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Statistically boring

Revised prompt

Imagine a cozy, inviting room filled with an abundance of colorful graphs and charts. These aren’t just any ordinary visuals; they’re designed with vibrant colors and unique patterns, making them pop against the walls and shelves. The graphs and charts overflow from shelves and desks, suggesting a world of data waiting to be explored. In the center of this room is a comfortable armchair, facing a small table. On the table, there’s a steaming cup of tea, emitting a gentle wisp of steam. The room is illuminated by soft, warm light, creating a welcoming atmosphere that transforms the space into a haven for curiosity and exploration, rather than a place of boredom. This setup contrasts the typical notion of data as dull, showcasing it in a way that’s both beautiful and intriguing.


Here are 3 simple bar charts of SB lengths as of today

Now you may be wondering why the total number of SB’s is 3648 but there are only 1089 listed for each of the S and B counts. Well there’s a simple explanation. The figures don’t take into account the bigrams that weren’t created using the Submit Bigram form.

I’m working on getting the correct figures.

In the mean time, why not have a look at the distribution of the second letters for each S and B word and see if you can come up with words for the missing second letters. eg Szechuan for a word starting SZ, and BMus ( Bachelor of Music ) for the B-letter

(2) . (1) A (347) B (12) C (193) E (388) F (1) G (1) H (305) I (278) K (90) L (124) M (150) N (67) O (316) P (332) Q (52) R (2) T (556) U (345) W (131) Y (27)

! (1) & (1) (2) . (1) A (849) B (8) E (535) H (7) I (332) L (280) N (1) O (669) P (1) R (506) S (2) U (441) X (1) Y (67)


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11th April 2024