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Starting Bid

Starting bid
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At the Rowlands Castle GC Wednesday roll up one player in each group is responsible for marking the card for all the players. There have been times where the marker hasn’t calculated the correct stableford score or written down the wrong number in the first place. This seems to happen quite a lot to a left handed Welshman. It was during the corrections that the idea of a starting bid be used for Graham’s score.

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Starting bid

I like it because:

  1. Starting bid is spelled correctly
  2. The first bid is low enough
  3. The board appears to be very light and not exerting any stress on the rope holding it.

It was significantly better than the images generated by DALL-E for the same prompt.

Super Described clone

I took the original image and fed it into a ChatGPT extension called Super Describe. It returned this image produced for the following prompt

A digital illustration of a wooden sign hanging from a horizontal pole, with the text ‘STARTING BID $1′ in bold, black font on a yellow background. The sign has a slightly weathered look and is hung by ropes. It is set against a clear blue sky with a few clouds, and a green field with numerous yellow wildflowers can be seen in the background. The wooden pole appears to be supported by a simple, thin metal structure with barbed wire, suggesting an outdoor rural setting.

Seen before as starting and bid.


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17th February 2024