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Stabilised Bicycle

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Stabilised bicycle speeding by, sans bicyclist

Revised prompt

A perfectly balanced bicycle with streamlined design and vibrant colours is swiftly moving on a smooth asphalt road, notedly without a cyclist. The wheels are spinning at an impressive speed, indicating forward momentum. Despite the lack of a rider, the bicycle maintains a stunning upright stance, seemingly defying the laws of physics. The surrounding scene is blurred due to the fast movement of the bicycle, underlining its speed.


  • It seems that AI can understand Franglicised English words such as 'sans' and, possibly because it's speeding by, ignore the suggestion that the bicycle has stabilisers.
  • How this bike reached the speed its supposed to be travelling - it looks stationary to me - is a wonder given it has no pedals and a broken chain.
  • Previously I'd asked Bing for stabilised bicycle. It cheated; 3 of the 4 images were of tricycles.
  • Meanwhile, ChatGPT 4o attempted to produce an image of a bicycle with stabilisers but cocked up big time. Once again proving that AI can't do mechanical things.

A modern, sleek bicycle with stabilizers (training wheels) attached, depicted on a smooth pavement or park path. The bicycle is stylish with a streamlined frame, ergonomic handlebars, and a comfortable seat. The stabilizers are sturdy and well-integrated, providing extra balance and support. Surrounding the bicycle, there's lush green grass and a few trees, indicating a pleasant, sunny day in a park. The scene is bright and cheerful, highlighting the practicality and appeal of a stabilized bicycle for beginners or those needing extra support.

Regarding "The stabilizers are sturdy and well-integrated"... they're not attached to the bicycle. How many other problems can you find with this bike?

  1. No brake cable for the front brake.
  2. Combined rear brake and gear shift not connected to anything.
  3. Back wheel doesn't touch the ground.
  4. Rack attached to rear tyre.
  5. Several spokes bent.
  6. Left pedal seems to have no crank arm.
  7. 3rd pedal attached to the chain.


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5th June 2024