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Sprinkled Buses

Sprinkled buses
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Sprinkled buses

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A city street scene capturing a unique moment: a variety of buses with varying colors and styles are neatly lined up. The sight is made even more unusual by a delightful scatter of tiny, bright, shiny objects that look like confetti or precious gems sprinkling down from the sky. It’s as if there’s a magical snowfall, yet in a completely unexpected way. The weather is calm, allowing the sprinkled objects to dance gently in the air before landing on the buses and pavement, reflecting the surrounding city lights in all directions.


Bing decided to cover the buses with hundreds and thousands; which Americans call sprinkles. And DALL-E procrastinated again. It’s been 8 years since one of us said Sprinkled buses. How are we supposed to remember the context?

Sampled from Spanish Break.


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30th April 2024