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Spotting Brainteaser

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This spot the difference puzzle is in this year's Rowlands Castle Village Fair magazine. I'd been asked to proofread an early version of the magazine before it was sent to the printers. But I'd not seen the two page puzzle section. So when I saw the final version I recently set about checking / solving the puzzles.

I also hunted for the ten differences in these two images.

Guess how many I found?

Left - modified version Right - the original
Kids rides Fun rides
8th July 6th July
spider fan spider dan
frog show dog show
sea and do see and do
coloured badge on chest missing - top right gold coloured badge
coloured badge light blue - bottom right gold coloured badge
Comic code blanked Comic code
Yellow left hand glove Red left hand glove
fun rides speech balloon black down triangle No black triangle
Smile - upturned mouth Frown downturned mouth
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