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Spoon Blade

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Spoon blade

Revised prompt

Visualize an interesting object that has a unique fusion of a kitchen utensil and a weapon: A spoon blade. It should have the rounded scoop of a conventional spoon but the handle should transform into a sharp, finely crafted blade. Both elements need to blend seamlessly into each other, creating a functional yet dangerous artifact. The spoon part should gleam invitingly, depicting its harmless usage in the kitchen, while the blade end should be metallic, shiny, and polished, reflecting its dangerous nature. The background could be a simple wooden table.


  • Today’s answers for the two different foodle wordles that I still do, even though I already know most of the answers, were spoon and blade.
  • Interestingly tomorrow’s word for is spork… which is spoon and fork.
  • I’m now aware of a spoon and knife combination. It’s known as a spife.
  • I don’t think my spoon and blade combination should be known either as a spade or a bloon.
  • See the Urban dictionary for bloon.

Whereas ChatGPT’s DALL-E needed a hint to produce something, and then created a couple of medieval knives in a fantasy style, Bing generated another interesting image.

  • The spoon’s business end is cut out in the style of an old safety blade.
  • But it’s neither Wilkinson Sword nor Gilette; both have the same template.
  • I don’t know why it’s held by a gloved hand.
  • Maybe Bing knows it can’t do fingers.
  • It certainly can’t count.


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6th April 2024